Covid. Threatening mural writings at editorial offices in Bergamo and Imperia

More insults and intimidation against newspapers and journalists who support the vaccination campaign. In the crosshairs L’Eco, Bergamo News, Secolo XIX and La Stampa. Investigations are on-going

OSSIGENO 11th March 2022 – On the night between 1st and 2nd February 2022 in Bergamo persons unknown daubed with red paint intimidating writings and symbols at the entrances of the editorial offices of L’Eco di Bergamo and Bergamo News. According to the Bergamo newspaper, these are “symbols attributable to a section of ​​no- vax radical activists”. On the ground, in front of the entrance to the Bergamo News editorial office, they wrote: “Nazis: write about the deaths from vaccination” (see here).

On the night between Sunday 6th and Monday 7th February in Imperia, some placards were posted at the entrance to the editorial offices of the Secolo XIX and La Stampa. Also in this case it was a question of insults and criticisms of the information provided by the newspapers on the anti-covid vaccination campaign. A placard reads: “Real journalism is disseminating what someone does not want to be known, the rest is just propaganda”. Another sign reads: “If the backsides of Italian politicians were made of sandpaper … you journalists especially … would no longer have tongues” (see here). Digos (the police special branch) is investigating the incident.

Ossigeno per l’Informazione has identified a total of 69 threats linked to the protests against the requirement to exhibit the EU Digital COVID Certificate and regulations that extended the obligation for some categories to be vaccinated also during 2021. Many incidents occurred during the demonstrations that were held in public squares in Italy (read here).

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