Bologna. Owner of pub insults journalists and prosecutor who wants to dismiss his lawsuit

In January the owner had sued for criminal libel the reporter Valerio Lo Muzio who had filmed the violations in his pub of the anti-Covid restrictions

OSSIGENO July 8th  2021 – In Bologna, on June 1st  2021, Mattia Florulli, owner of the ‘Halloween’ pub, insulted and threatened the video-reporter of ‘La Repubblica’ Valerio Lo Muzio and prosecutor Antonello Gustapane in a Facebook live stream. The day before the magistrate had proposed dismissing a lawsuit for libel instigated by Mattia Florulli against the journalist of La Repubblica. Valerio Lo Muzio had the support of his colleagues and his newspaper and is evaluating together with the lawyer Elisabetta D’Errico how to respond. Politicians and institutions have not commented.

THE BACKGROUND – Last January, while filming violations of the anti-Covid regulations by customers of the ‘Halloween’ pub, Valerio Lo Muzio (see Ossigeno here) was insulted and attacked by the owner who then sued him for libel, individual violence, harassment and disturbance to persons and dissemination of fraudulent filming and recordings (the article and the video here) This is the lawsuit that the prosecutor Gustapane proposed to dismiss, angering the complainant. Valerio lo Muzio is assisted by the defence lawyer Elisabetta D’Errico. 


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