Florence. Doctor arrested for fake Covid certificate threatens journalists

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Doctor Stefano Soldani wrote in a post: “Dear journalists, rest assured that we will meet, you, me, and the Eternal Father”

OSSIGENO 12th April 2022 – In Tuscany, the general practitioner Stefano Soldani, who ended up under house arrest on charges of having issued false certificates of vaccination against Covid, published at the end of March a Facebook post in which he wrote: “Dear journalists from La Nazione, La Repubblica and Il Corriere, we will meet again eventually, I do not know you but rest assured that we will meet, not in the courts, but face to face, you, I, and the Eternal Father “. Today the post is no longer visible on Facebook and it is not possible to establish whether it has been hidden (visible only to friends of the profile) or permanently deleted.

The message was interpreted as a serious threat to the detriment of journalists from the three newspapers La Nazione, La Repubblica and Corriere Fiorentino who had published articles on the matter that led to the doctor’s arrest.

Sandro Bennucci, president of the Tuscan Press Association, told Ossigeno: “I was informed by a colleague of the existence of this unacceptable social media message. With Giampaolo Marchini, president of the Order of Journalists of Tuscany, I formally reported the incident to the Special Branch (Digos) in Florence “.

The targeted newspapers reported the threats and the formal complaint by the union and the Order of Journalists (read here) as did many other media outlets. The president of the regional council of Tuscany expressed solidarity with journalists.


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