Mafia. A new death threat made to Paolo Borrometi

“You have little time left” said an anonymous note sent to Paolo Borrometi in Sicilian dialect. Borrometi commented: “The threats are serious but I’m a journalist and I go on”.

On the 22nd January 2019, in Rome, the journalist Paolo Borrometi received a letter threatening death and immediately reported the matter to the Carabinieri. The anonymous message, written in Sicilian dialect, read: “Picca nai”, that is to say, “You do not have much time left”. It was composed of characters cut out from newspaper headlines and delivered to the editorial offices of TV2000, the TV station of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) with which Borrometi collaborates as a permanent guest of the “L’Ora Solare” programme. Borrometi picked up the envelope at the reception desk. When he opened it, three nails came out and the sheet with the message. The journalist noted a similarity with other menacing messages received previously, as reported in a reconstruction of the events published by Agenzia Italia quoting Borrometi “The threats are serious – he said – but I am a journalist and I go ahead” (read here).

Borrometi has been living under police escort since 2014, protected by the Carabinieri, due to death threats he received from Mafia exponents because of his investigative articles in which he has exclusively revealed illicit activities and the relationships of organized crime that operates in the provinces of Ragusa and Syracuse.

The journalist has received numerous statements of solidarity from the worlds of politics and journalism.

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