Il Gazzettino di Sicilia victim of hackers for 12 days

From 25 january to 6 february 2018 the site has been repeatedly put offline. The most significant episode occurred on January 27, on the occasion of the Day of Memory.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Angelo Scuteri, made public the attack on 6 February, denouncing what happened at a press conference organized at the headquarters of the online publication. “We wanted to raise awareness on the freedom of the press and above all on the necessary protection for those who produce information on the web”, Scuteri told Ossigeno. The editor-in-chief has reported the episode to the Postal Police of Palermo and formalized a complaint against unknown persons on 6 February 2018.

The editors of the Gazzettino received solidarity from the President of the OdG Sicily, Giulio Francese, the president of the regional UNCI, Andrea Tuttoilmondo, and the secretary of the regional FNSI, Alberto Cicero (read).

PRECEDENTS – From 2011 to today, in Sicily, Ossigeno has detected 297 serious violations of the freedom of the press and of expression committed with illicit acts, acts of violence, and of abuse against journalists, bloggers, video operators, photo reporters, publishers, whose names are published in the Observatory’s Table. In 2018, 7 names were added to this list.

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