The Panel of Memory donated to city council and school of Arcevia (province of Ancona)

The ceremony took place on Saturday, February 17, 2018. Students will reconstruct the stories of journalists killed because of their work

The secretary general of Ossigeno per l’Informazione, Giuseppe Federico Mennella, handed over the Ossigeno Memory Panel, “They were looking for the truth. Twenty-eight names only one story”,to the City of Arcevia, in the province of Ancona, and the middle school of the town, the “Ferdinando Palazzi” institute. The delivery ceremony took place on Saturday 17 February 2018, at the Centro Culturale San Francesco, in the presence of over seventy students.

The interest shown by the students gave rise to the idea of developing the theme with a series of initiatives, as part of a project that the junior high school will start shortly, to reconstruct the stories of journalists who lost their lives for their work .

Mennella has delivered the panel, which depicts the face of the 28 journalists killed because of the information they were doing as part of their profession and lists their names, to the mayor of Arcevia, prof. Andrea Bomprezzi, and the city councillor, Matteo Federici. The deputy mayor Fiorenzo Quajani was also present in the hall. For the school, the panel was delivered to Professor Elena Motisi.

The secretary reminded that Ossigeno promotes the presentation of the Panel to institutions, local authorities, and schools so as to cultivate the value of memory and promote interest in the defense of freedom of expression and the press. He also illustrated the Observatory’s activities against intimidation and threats that prevent free information and prevent citizens’ right to be informed.

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