In 2019 433 journalists threatened: 23% women, 24% in Lazio

Ossigeno’s data on intimidation of Italian journalists and bloggers presented on December 28th 2019 by the Ordine dei Giornalisti (Order of Journalists) president Carlo Verna

During 2019 Ossigeno documented and published 433 intimidations and threats against many journalists and bloggers. The in-depth examination conducted on 236 of these 433 intimidations and threats provided the following details:

GENDER OF VICTIMS 77% men, 23% women

TYPE OF THREATS: 32.8% Abuse of complaints and vexatious lawsuits; 72.2% Violent acts (of which: 37.0% threats; 20.3% aggression; 10.0% damages); 1.0% obstructed access to information


57% of threats occurred in 4 regions. Lazio is also this year the Italian region with the most threatened journalists (56 equal to 24%), followed by: Campania (31 equal to 13%), Sicily (24 equal to 10%) and Lombardy (23 equal at 10%)


In 2009 Abruzzi with 18 confirmed threats (8% of the total) was the region with the highest intimidating pressure (a factor indicated by the number of threats in relation to the journalist population). Veneto is in second place, with 16 threats equal to 7% of the total.

On December 28th 2019, during the year-end press conference of the Council of Ministers, these data were illustrated to its Prime Minister Carlo Conte by the President of the Order of Journalists Carlo Verna. The Prime Minister did not comment on them.

These data refer to the surveys made by December 9th. More complete and updated data will be provided after December 31st.


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