In Cirié: cars of those who report the bonfires are on fire

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On fire the car of the man who documented similar episodes with videos on social media and on YouTube. The police are investigating.

During the night between January 31st and February 1st in Ciriè, in the province of Turin, persons unknown set fire to Francesco Vivenza’s car. Between September and January in Cirié, dozens of cars and a paint company had already been set on fire. Vivenza had documented this series of episodes with backgrounds yet to be clarified by publishing some videos on social networks.

That night his car was parked on the street near his home and the fire destroyed it. It was the fire-fighters who put out the flames. The Cirié police also intervened, who began an investigation. They are checking the CCTV cameras in the area.

Vivenza, who denounced it believes the fire was malicious. It could be intimidation to stop his citizen journalist activity. In this capacity, in recent times he had reported the sequence of burned cars and some drug dealing areas in his municipality. On these topics, Vivenza has published some video-investigations on his social channels and on YouReporter, shot with a hidden camera. Among other things, he shot and published a video on ‘rave parties’.

In the past Vivenza has collaborated with the “Quotidiano del Canavese” and other local newspapers.

HIS COMMENT – “If these cowards think they can intimidate me to stop my activity , they are wrong. I’m continuing on, I’m not afraid, “the reporter told Ossigeno per l’Informazione.

collaborated Andrea De Tommasi (wt)

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