Lentini: Facebook threats from the father of an arrested person

The journalist Silvio Breci had reported on Webmarte.it the story of the boy in handcuffs in carrying out of an extradition order in Switzerland.

On February 29th 2020, the journalist Silvio Breci – chief editor of Webmarte.it – ​​was insulted and threatened on Facebook.

The author of the threats is said to be the father of a boy arrested by officers of the Lentini police station (Syracuse), in carrying out an extradition order to Switzerland. “If there is a scratch on my son, the only real thing you can write is your funeral card,” wrote the man on his Facebook page. He did it after Silvio Breci published the news of the boy’s arrest in his newspaper. The warning in Breci and insults to the category of journalists in general were also posted on the Facebook page of the “Lentini News” group, and continued until March 1st.

THE JOURNALIST“When they reported the first threat to me – Silvio Breci told Ossigeno – I was afraid, also because I didn’t know who was threatening me. I informed the head of the local police station over the phone. On March 2nd, I formalized my complaint to the Lentini Commissariat ”.

SOLIDARITY with Breci expressed by Unci Siracusa, Assostampa Sicilia and UCSI. On March 5th , the prefect of Syracuse, Giusi Scaduto, convened a technical meeting for the coordination of services in the Prefecture to speak about the threats to journalists and expressed solidarity with Breci.

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