Monte Paschi scandal. Acquitted journalist of “Il Fatto Quotidiano”

In February 2015, Davide Vecchi had been accused of illegal data processing in the context of the investigation of the Credit Institute based in Siena

On 5 and 6 July 2013, in two articles published on Il Fatto Quotidiano, he reported a dramatic exchange of messages between the managing director Fabrizio Viola and the former head of communication David Rossi, before the latter died as a result of the fall from a window (read). The Court of Siena has ruled that “the fact does not exist”. With Vecchi also the widow of Rossi, Antonella Tognazzi, who was acquitted from charges of collaboration with Vecchi.

Read the story on Il Fatto Quotidiano.

PRECEDENTS IN TUSCANY – Ossigeno has detected 89 serious violations of the freedom of the press and of expression committed with illicit acts, acts of violence, and abuse against journalists, bloggers, video operators, photo reporters, publishers, whose names are published in the Observatory’s Table. In 2017, 13 names were added to this list.

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