More protection for Rai journalist Maria Grazia Mazzola

The secretary of the Roman Press Association asked for her protection after the escape from prison of the son of the Mafia member who attacked her in Bari.

Lazzaro Pappagallo, secretary of the Roman Press Association said on the11th March 2020, “It is necessary to raise immediately the level of protection provided for the Tg1 Rai journalist Maria Grazia Mazzola, after the escape from the prison of Foggia of Ivan Caldarola, son of the Mafia member Monica Laera, who is on trial in Bari for the attack on the journalist on 9th February 2018 in a manner that the prosecutor considers Mafia linked”.

Read the full statement here

Two days later, on March 13th Caldarola turned himself in at the police headquarters in Bari, accompanied by his lawyer. He had been hiding at his mother Monica Laera’s house.

The journalist Mazzola commented on Facebook on the news of the young man turning himself in, “The police breathing down his neck and the attention of the public have won! My formal complaints, the denunciation of the secretary of the Rome press Lazzaro Pappagallo, the mobilization of public opinion, the article in Il Fatto Quotidiano published today, your protests, and above all the constant attention of the justice system on the clan have moved a mountain! “.

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