Ossigeno has identified a further six threats – 21st September 2018

The victims are the journalist Salvo Palazzolo (Palermo), Mario De Michele (Orta di Atella), Antonella Napoli, Mauro Favale, Yara Nardi and Orianna Boselli (all of Rome). The counter for 2018 has reached 210 names.

“Ossigeno per l’Informazione” maintains that the episodes described below represent unjustifiable violations of press freedom and freedom of expression. The names of the six aforementioned journalists and bloggers directly affected have been added to the table of the victims of unjustifiable attacks.

From the 1st January to the 21st September Ossigeno has identified and documented 210 unjustifiable attacks of the same type.

Salvo Palazzolo
PALERMO – On the 14th September 2018 the police acting on the instruction of the state prosecutor of Catania searched the home of the La Repubblica journalist and Mafia expert, Salvo Palazzolo. Two mobile phones, a tablet and three hard disks have been confiscated from the journalist. He is under investigation for revealing state secrets in collaboration with a public official, for having published on the 8th March 2018 an article in which he referred to the completion of an investigation into three policemen accused of having side-tracked the investigations into the massacre in via D’Amelio, guiding the declarations of Vincenzo Scarantino. The prosecutor charges him with having published news of the closure of the investigation three hours before the proceedings were notified to the policemen. Solidarity with Palazzolo has been expressed by the world of journalism and by institutions.
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Mario De Michele
ORTA DI ATELLA (Caserta) – On the19th September in Orta di Atella (Caserta), in an area on the edge of town being investigated by him, Mario De Michele, director of Campania Notizie, was attacked and threatened by two men whose faces were covered by motorcycle helmets. De Michele was at the wheel of his car when the two unknown persons on a scooter with an obscured number plate blocked his path preventing him from continuing. One of the two approached the journalist’s car and put his hands around De Michele’s neck saying, “You’ve gone too bloody far regarding Orta di Atella” His accomplice meanwhile struck the car’s windscreen repeatedly with an iron bar.
De Michele formally reported the incident to the local police. The journalist had already received other threats. In July 2018 he received an envelope containing bullets.
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Mauro Favale, Yara Nardi, Oriana Boselli
Rome – On the 13th September 2018 the Rome municipal police stopped and asked for identification (on two occasions) from the La Repubblica journalist Mauro Favale and the freelance photo-journalists Yara Nardi and Oriana Boselli , insisting that they go away and preventing them from recording with photos and video the eviction of several Roma families from the Rome Camping River in via Tiberina. The police told the journalists that they had to leave “for reasons of security” and had threatened to charge them if they had “made any resistance”. The No-Gag Network asked the Italian journalists’ Order and the Italian National Press Federation to intervene. The Roman Press Association has asked the Commander of the municipal police to behave in a way that enables journalists to work.
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Antonella Napoli
ROME – On the 10th September the journalist Antonella Napoli, a member of the office of the president of Articolo21 has been subjected to insults and threats on Twitter for having published a tweet critical of the rise of the neo-Nazi party in Sweden following the recent elections. Antonella Napoli has been offended with sexist phrases by neo-Fascist exponents. The following day, the journalist made a formal complaint to the Rome postal police. Solidarity was expressed by the Italian National Press Federation (FNSI).
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