Paolo Borrometi threatened by the heirs of the crime boss

The journalist had written: Can someone sentenced for Mafia crimes who died in an accident have a public funeral? It happened in Vittoria (Rg)

On April 17th 2019 the journalist Paolo Borrometi, chief editor of the online newsletter La Spia, was threatened with death and insulted on Facebook by relatives of Mario Campailla of Comiso (Ragusa), who had been repeatedly sentenced for Mafia crimes but had just died in a car accident.

The journalist had published the news on La Spia by asking the following question: “The Ragusa police station will now have to check the feasibility of the funeral, given the precedents of the Mafia of Campailla”.

THE THREATS – These are some of the threatening phrases addressed to the journalist who reported the incidents to the Ragusa police station: “Borrometi we wish you the best death for you sons of bitches. You’re just a creepy slimy worm. Borrometi you are the next to die”; and again: “Borrometi of shit, my father will depart this world proud, the funeral will take place, make you not break the mouth”; “You have no respect … you all come to the funeral and don’t hide behind a telephone; one by one we’ll send you bastards to the cemetery because you are only stinking carrion”.

Because of the continuous threats received for his investigations into organised crime in the Ragusa area Borrometi lives under police guard. He has formally reported the authors of the threats to the Ragusa police station. The Italian National Federation of the Press has expressed solidarity with him.

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