Roma. Reporter spied by ‘ndrangheta organized crime syndicate boss

This was revealed by the ” Propaggine ” police operation with which 43 people from a ‘Local  branch” of the syndicate operating in the capital were arrested

OSSIGENO 21st  June 2022 – There have been new threats and  nocent ‘attention’ from the ‘Ndrangheta against the mass media expert Klaus Davi, who has long denounced mafia infiltrations and the “businesses” of the powerful Calabrian ‘ndrine’ (clans) (see Ossigeno). These were  revealed  by the Public Prosecutor of Rome, head of the investigation called  ‘Operation Propaggine’, which at the beginning of May 2022 led to the arrest of 43 people linked to historic ‘Ndrangheta families of Cosoleto (Reggio Calabria) who have their hands in various activities in Rome.

THE GENERAL PROSECUTOR – In the directive of the Propaggine operation the investigating judge Gaspare Sturzo wrote that “A degree of consideration  concerns Carzo’s threats against the journalist-columnist Klaus Davi “  viewed as guilty by them for having drawn attention to the ‘Ndrangheta in Rome and having wanted to post the names of Calabrian bosses at subway stops, including (Antonio) Carzo and (Vincenzo) Alvaro, blowing their cover. 

In an wire-tapped conversation, the boss himself says: “This Klaus Davi cop wanted to reveal the names of the bosses of the’ Ndrangheta in Rome  … and he wanted to post them up at the Metro stations  … as he did in Milan … and he had put me … to Vincenzo … now I’ll show you … “. 

The journalist’s initiative “was then blocked – continues the directive  -, but we do not know if there was any connection between the blocking at the time and subsequent threats”. The campaign by Klaus Davi and the “creative” publicity campaign director Pasquale Diaferia was in fact never executed, stopped in July 2017 by the City of Rome  administration.

KLAUS DAVI“After 5 years I had almost forgotten the proposed poster campaign in the Rome Metro.. The campaign – Klaus Davi tells Ossigeno – was blocked. Reading the wiretaps, I was struck by how observant the criminal clan was to what I was doing. They knew all my movements, whether I went to Bovalino, San Luca or elsewhere. For the first time, I felt truly studied, analyzed. Another consideration is that the ‘Ndrangheta syndicate  is ahead of the state because it recognizes, albeit negatively, the importance of marketing campaigns that interact with consent, with the mechanisms of their structure. This was the proof of a conviction that I had already formed ”.

SOLIDARITYOssigeno per l’informazione has been following for years the anti-Ndrangheta activity of Klaus Davi who has received numerous  threats due to his revelations. He believes that making these incidents public is one of the most immediate and direct ways to break the isolation of journalists who expose themselves to the risk of retaliation in order to exercise their right and duty to inform citizens about facts of public interest. LT wt

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