Public apology is always the best way to restore reputation. An example near Rome

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During the torchlight procession in memory of the children and the elderly killed in the town of Ardea a woman insults a reporter then sends her an apology letter. The reporter appreciated the gesture

OSSIGENO 28th July 2021 – After the Genoa episode reported by Ossigeno (read here) another episode that took place in the province of Rome demonstrates that whoever lashes out unfairly against a journalist by hindering his or her legitimate work can rectify the mistake in the simplest and most effective way: overcoming one’s pride and publicly apologizing.

THE INCIDENT – On June 19th 2021, in Colle Romito (Rome) a woman approached the young collaborator of Il Faro Online, Giulia Gogiali who was videoing a live stream on the Facebook page of her newspaper, and told her: ” But did you ask me for permission to do these shots? », And she added threats and insults. It took place while a public torchlight procession was taking place in memory of the two children and the pensioner killed on June 13 in Ardea by a man armed with a pistol.

TWO ARTICLES – The following day, the journalist reported the incident in her newspaper (read here) and the chief editor Angelo Perfetti commented on it in an editorial (read here) in which he stigmatized the episode considering it significant of a climate of hatred against journalists that is becoming more and more intense.

THE LETTER – The author of the verbal assault, the day after reading these articles, wrote a long letter of apology to the newspaper, explaining that her anger stemmed from seeing so many people taking videos and selfies, disturbing the atmosphere of meditation required by a manifestation of condolences. “I apologize to the journalist, she wrote that  she could not be my daughter but my sister, and reassuring her that I would never take it any further than my words (…). I was wrong, I exaggerated I could certainly have used different ways and expressions, and I am very sorry about this, and I apologize with all my heart. (click here to read the full letter sent to the newspaper).

THE REPORTER – Giulia Gogiali told Ossigeno: “I appreciated this gesture and accepted the apology, which always comes from an act of self-awareness. It is not easy to apologize. This time a step forward has been taken. As for the incident I experienced , it is true that these are micro-aggressions, but they limit the freedom of the press. For example, that evening I was no longer able to continue the broadcast. We journalists have a duty to report and publicly denounce these incidents”.


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