Rome: Anti-Semitic threats to made to a reporter from Radio Radical

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Massimiliano Coccia received the threat in an anonymous letter delivered to the editorial offices. It is not the first time and it referred to other journalists.

On October 30th 2018, in Rome, at the headquarters of Radio Radicale, the journalist Massimiliano Coccia received an anonymous letter with threats and anti-Semitic insults addressed to him and other journalists critical of the Mafia. A few hours earlier Coccia had interviewed the journalist under police escort Paolo Borrometi who had, a few days earlier, interviewed members of the Roman Jewish Community including Liliana Segre.

It is not the first time that anonymous messages have been sent to Massimiliano Coccia, with anti-Semitic hate contents. Another long letter was sent to him on the 26th June 2018.

The journalist immediately reported the new episode to the special investigative branch of the police and commented to Ossigeno, “Now for the Mafia intimidation of journalists is their new front line”.

The Italian National Press Federation, National Order of Journalists and the Anti-Mafia Association have all expressed their solidarity.

This is the text of the Mafia message: “First Saviano, then Angeli, then Borrometi then the Jewish dregs Segre Di Segni. You did not understand that the same end for them is also there for you. It’s not worth insisting, Coccia, Jewish bastard, because today it’s a letter tomorrow a lead bullet. If you are looking for it, you’ll find it”.

It is not the first time that anonymous messages have been sent to Coccia, with anti-Semitic hate content. Another long letter was sent to him on June 26th , 2018.

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