Rome: Stones thrown and threats directed at the journalist Nello Trocchia from the Casamonica clan.

The journalist was doing a broadcast a week after the demolition of the houses of the Casamonica clan. “Sooner or later you’ll be shot in the mouth”

In Rome, the journalist Nello Trocchia of the television program Piazzapulita (La7 channel) and a video operator who was with him were attacked by two members of the Casamonica clan, while they were covering the demolition of the illegal houses in which the clan lived. The video of the attack was broadcast a few days later in the edition of Piazzapulita of the 6th December (see here).

Trocchia and his cameraman were trying to interview Giuseppe Casamonica, who was visibly annoyed. Shortly thereafter a woman arrived and lashed out at the camera and threw stones at the journalist and the cameraman despite Trocchia, as seen in the video, asking her to desist. Before turning away, she turned to the journalist and shouted: “Sooner or later they will shoot you in the mouth”.

Already on other occasions Nello Trocchia has been attacked by members of the Casamonica clan whilst conducting his inquiries.

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