Mafia. New intimidation of the journalist Mimmo Rubio

The movement of a motorcyclist, a message on Facebook, the revelations of a new collaborator of justice

OSSIGENO 10th September 2022 – Saturday 27th August 2022, in Arzano, in the province of Naples, an exponent of the local Camorra criminal clan on a motorcycle together with another man, approached in a threatening way the journalist Mimmo Rubio.

The reporter was in a queue with other people to enter a shop. He was with his colleague Giuseppe Bianco and the men of the police escort who have been protecting him for two years.

In recent months, Mimmo Rubio had written in his articles about that man on the bike.

A few hours later Mimmo Rubio found on Facebook a comment on a photo of him, by a woman who wished him dead. The woman is the mother of the man who had approached him threateningly in the street a few hours earlier. The reporter filed a formal complaint against both the woman and her son.

THE JOURNALIST’S COMMENT – Mimmo Rubio told Ossigeno per l’Informazione: “Reporting local news while living in the same area becomes more and more difficult. I have to deal with people who are not afraid, who do not stop even in the presence of the police escort. They control me. They follow my every move, both on the street and on social media. In recent weeks, on the Arzano News Facebook page (see here) and on some online newspapers, I am publishing news on the revelations of a new collaborator of justice of the Arzano Camorra. Obviously this news annoys some people”.

SOLIDARITY – Ossigeno renews its invitation to others to express solidarity with Mimmo Rubio who has been under police guard since October 22nd 2020 and has already been the victim of several serious and brazen threats. He needs help continue his journalistic activity in Arzano, a municipality which since 2019 has been dissolved for the third time due to infiltration by organized crime. Local journalism is a very important social defence and it is important that local reporters are defended by the institutions and surrounded by the solidarity of citizens when they receive threats and intimidation to convince them to turn a blind eye or both eyes to facts of public interest. GB wt

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