Rome: Police protection for the journalist Antonella Napoli

The protection follows the decision of the Prefecture after the threats from the “Muslim Brothers of the South” group, which warned the reporter not to return to Sudan.

From March 27th 2019 a police patrol will pass three times a day in front of the Roman residence of the freelance journalist Antonella Napoli to make sure she is not in danger. This protection measure (technically called “surveillance”) was adopted at the request of the Prefecture of Rome.

The journalist has been repeatedly attacked on social networks with sexist insults and rape threats. The last episode dates back to the 28th January 2019 when an email with threats to the journalist was sent to the humanitarian association “Italians For Darfour”, of which Antonella Napoli is founder and honorary president. “You are the enemy of Sudan. You are not welcome in our country. If you don’t listen to us and come back here, you will regret it. But it will be too late “. They had written to her in Arabic, signing themselves with the name “Muslim Brotherhood of the South”.

At the beginning of January 2019, during a trip to Sudan, the reporter had also been stopped and held for a few hours by the local police.

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