Rome. Solidarity to Lirio Abbate, still under attack by Carminati’s lawyer

In the appeal against the sentence to 22 years, the lawyer Giosué Naso mocked journalists who, with their investigations, turned on the spotlights on organized crime in Rome

The defender of Massimo Carminati, the lawyer Giosuè Naso, stated that to the detriment of his client and the truth has weighed a “colossal manipulation of historical facts”, and also considerings responsible “half-notch journalists passed off as heroic champions of truth”. Who does he refer to? Naso makes no names, but it seems clear that once again he refers to the Deputy Director of l’Espresso, the journalist Lirio Abbate, who through his journalistic investigations has opened Pandora’s box. The reference is also clear for the National Press Federation, which in response to the allusions of the lawyer reacted immediately expressing solidarity with the journalist (read), as did Ossigeno per l’Informazione, which is honored to include Lirio Abbate among his senior executives.

It is not the first time that the lawyer, Giosuè Naso, lashes out against Lirio Abbate. This time he did so in the text of the recourse for the appeal against the sentence of Massimo Carminati to twenty years in prison for criminal association for the events concerning organized crime in Rome and its surroundings in the trail dubbed “Capital Mafia”. The document was filed on December 1, 2017 at the Court of Appeal of Rome.

On January 29, 2016, during a hearing in the “Capital Mafia” trial, Carminati’s lawyer had mocked the journalist by distorting his name in “De-Lirio Abbate”. He also insinuated that the journalist would have acted in concert with the public prosecutor Pignatone in order to give way to the mafia trials in Rome following “a direction that goes beyond the boundaries of the court” (read).

For the lawyer Giosuè Naso, the trial against Carminati and the other defendants would be a work of manipulation “stemming from afar, through a work that also involves extra-professional subjects, aware of the need for media and public opinion support that makes an intervention by the judicial authority legitimate and meritorial”.

In the 200 pages of the appeal, Carminati’s lawyer speaks of “premonitory revelations” and of “greedy interpretations”, suggesting that he refers to the journalistic inquiry published in December 2012, with the title “The Four Kings of Rome”. In that investigation, Lirio Abbate outlined the structure of organized crime in Rome, two years before the arrest of Carminati and the Capital Mafia scandal. For that investigation, Lirio Abbate, who since 2007 has been under police protection because of the mafia’s death threats, has also suffered other threats and an aggression yet to be clarified. The Capitol’s Office, in July 2013, discovered that precisely following the publication of that inquiry into the kings of Rome, a man of Albanian nationality had been ordered to follow Abbate (read).

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