Pignataro. He did threaten Enzo Palmesano. Sentencing confirmed

By order of the boss Vincenzo Lubrano, Pasquale Cascella blocked the collaboration of the journalist with the Corriere di Caserta

The third penal section of the Court of Appeal of Naples confirmed, on November 6, 2017, the sentence in the first degree that in 2014 had sentenced to two years of imprisonment Francesco Cascella (for crime of private violence, Article 610 of the Criminal Code) for having – following orders of Vincenzo Lubrano, already in prison for a conviction for mafia association – forced the former director of the Corriere di Caserta Gianluigi Guarino and the journalist Enzo Palmesano “to omit writing and publishing journalistic articles regarding the Lubrano-Ligato clan”, causing the end of the journalist’s collaboration with the newspaper.

The sentence in appeal was chiefly based on some wiretaps documenting the order of Lubrano given following some journalistic investigations by Palmesano on the Camorra in Pignataro Maggiore, a place where Lubrano – who had died in the meantime – perpetrated his criminal activities.

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