Rome: What do you think? Former minister responds with a blow

Then the ex-minister apologised. The journalist, Danilo Lupo of the TV programme Non e l’Arena asks him to make a donation to a fund to support threatened journalists

On the 19th April 2018, in a public street in Rome near the lower chamber of deputies, former minister and former parliamentarian Mario Landolfi currently a representative of the Fratelli d’Italia party robustly smacked the journalist, Danilo Lupo, reporter from the TV programme Non e l’Arena of the La7 network who had asked him to comment on the proposal to abolish the annuities which former members of parliament enjoy. The smack was caught on camera and broadcast by La7 (see here).

The FNSI, Assostampa and UNCI have condemned Landolfi’s action underlining that, in addition he himself is a journalist (see here).

Massimo Giletti, anchor-man of Non e L’Arena, expressed regret for the action. On Sunday the 22nd April he invited Landolfi to meet with Danilo Lupo on live television. Landolfi apologised for the smack but added that “perhaps this atrocious and very ugly smack could promote reflection on a certain way of practising journalism”

The journalist welcomed the apology but it is not enough in cases like this. “I have been in many places, I’ve interviewed gang masters and mafia members and nothing like this has ever happened to me. It’s strange not being beaten up by a mafia member but receiving a blow from a politician” Danilo Lupo said and made a proposal to the politician. “Damages don’t interest me. If a trial began it would probably arrive at a sentence, instead I propose that the Honourable Landolfi donates a substantial sum to the FNSI fund in support of threatened journalists” (see the meeting here).

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