The attackers of Sara Giudice go on trial

In June, the second hearing will take place. Nicolò and Pierluigi Gaglioli are accused of violence against the person, damage and personal injury of the journalist ofPiazza PulitaSara Giudice and the cameraman Paolo Pisacane

The second hearing of the trial will be held on June 5th, 2019 of the attackers of journalist Sara Giudice, a correspondent for the television program Piazzapulitabroadcast by La7, and of the video operator Paolo Pisacane who was with her. The first hearing was held around mid-March 2019. Giudice and Pisacane were brutally assaulted in Rome while carrying out a journalistic report on the illicit traffic of waste related to the sale of iron.

Nicolò and Pierluigi Gaglioli, annoyed by the journalist’s questions, destroyed Pisacane’s camera, obstructed Sara Giudice’s car, broke the car window and jostled the two reporters, threatening them with phrases such as : “I’ll smash you”(watch the video)

On May 28th 2018 the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Rome ordered the direct summons for Nicolò and Pierluigi Gaglioli, accused – in collusion  with each other – of violence against the person, damage and personal injury to the journalist and video operator.

THE JOURNALIST – “In 2015 I was attacked during a live television broadcast  for the Inonda programme, of the La7 network. I don’t know if they have ever started a prosecution of the attackers. At the time– Sara Giudice tells  Ossigeno per l’Informazioni – the police attempted to see if I could recognize the attackers. Unfortunately the indignation for violence against reporters lasts just a few days, then everything returns to oblivion, In this case at least a trial will be conducted”.


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