Veneto. Region asks 410,000 euro in compensation to Vicenzapiù

The Veneto Region has filed a lawsuit against the online publication VicenzaPiù to the court of Venice. The former chief editor Giovanni Coviello and the publisher – who received a request for a total of € 410 thousand in compensation – have been brought to trial because of a series of articles published between January and July 2017 that report alleged irregularities and abuses in the control and management of professional training activities in the region, based on a dossier issued by a regional councilor.

“This is an investigation – Coviello told Ossigeno – that we have carried forward for a year and a half on the use of European funds. The 569-page dossier on which we relied was made by the regional councilor of the Brothers of Italy party, Sergio Berlato, and was officially and publicly delivered in 2016 to the president of the region Luca Zaia and to the president of the regional council Roberto Ciambetti. After we got hold of it, we started writing it four or five months later, limiting ourselves to telling the facts contained in those documents, without expressing opinions”.

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