Molise. “Go away”. Video reporter headbutted

In Termoli, Alessandro Nardella, from Telemolise, had gone outside the hospital morgue after the sudden death of a young woman

On 1 February 2018 the video operator of Telemolise, Alessandro Nardella, was hit in the face with a head by a family member of a 19-year-old who died shortly before at the Hospital of Termoli (in the province of Campobasso) for reasons yet to be ascertained. The young woman died shortly after being hospitalized for illness. The voice of sudden death had spread immediately into the city, and so the video operator had gone outside the morgue to make room shots.

Two of the girl’s relatives approached Nardella as soon as she arrived on the spot and ordered him to leave. The operator gave up shooting and started towards his car, to leave. But one of the two men reached him and hit him by one of the two men who hit him in the face with a head. After the attack, the Carabinieri of Termoli arrived. Nardella reported the fracture of the nasal septum and underwent surgery. On February 22, he formalized the complaint to the Carabinieri of Termoli. He received solidarity from the Order and Assostampa Molise.

“I’m sorry – he told Ossigeno – that people consider us jackals. We video operators only try to do our job properly and sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations to manage, even with all our experience “.

PRECEDENTS – From 2011 to today, in Molise, Ossigeno has detected 29 serious violations of the freedom of the press and of expression committed with illicit acts, acts of violence, and of abuse against journalists, bloggers, video operators, photo reporters, publishers, whose names are published in the Observatory’s Table. In 2017, 1 name was added to this list.

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