Vicenza. Unknowns slash the car tyres of a Rai tv team

The journalist Matteo Mohorovicich and an operator were making a report on pollution at Rosà. A formal complaint has been made.

On the morning of Sunday 13thApril 2019, unknown persons cut the four tyres of the Rai company car, used by the journalist Matteo Mohorovicich and an operator. The two were making a journalistic report on oil and chrome pollution in a stream in Rosà, in the province of Vicenza. The car had been parked for about half an hour, while the reporters were filming, accompanied by representatives of a city committee that raised the issue of pollution in that area.

Mohorovicich and the operator noticed the damage when they returned to the car and formally reported the incident to the police. The editorial committee of Tgr Veneto, the in-house union Usigrai and the Journalists Union of Veneto intervened on the matter to express solidarity with the troupe. Mohorovicic, contacted by Ossigeno, preferred not to comment.


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