“Be careful what you write”, said. Arrested with 2 others

Protective vigilance has been arranged by the Prefect of the province of Avellino for the journalist Barbara Ciarcia, correspondent of  “Il Mattino”.

The Committee for the Order and Public Security of Avellino, on the proposal of the Prefect, has decided on Thursday the 11thApril 2019 to assign  protection (a vigilance) to Barbara Ciarcia, journalist, correspondent of Il Mattino, teacher, and President of the Municipal Council of Venticano in the province of Avellino, where she lives.

The decision was taken following threats received by the journalist four days earlier (in the late afternoon of Sunday April 7th), while she was inside the shop run by members of her family at Castello del Lago.

A man who was accompanied by two people who did not seem to be Italian had told her “Be careful what you write”after which the three disappeared. The man made her understand that she had to worry about her parents’ shop too.

The journalist immediately alerted the police of Mirabella Eclano and then made a formal complaint. Her description made it possible to identify the car of the three individuals. It was a case of individuals who had subsequently implemented other threats and extortion claims against motorists. The three were arrested for violence against a person and aggravated threats. They were placed under house arrest for 24 hours and then released (read here).

SOLIDARITY – The Order of Journalists of Campania, the trade union and the regional UNCI expressed solidarity with the reporter. There was widespread solidarity also from the political world.

THE JOURNALIST – “I felt the solidarity of everyone and the closeness of my colleagues and the Order of Journalists. I believe, and I take this opportunity to launch an appeal to everyone, that it is very important to denounce this type of incident,”the journalist told Ossigeno.

Ciarcia pointed out that she had not recently dealt with any “unpleasant  incident” but had written, in the past, about events involving the same man who threatened her.


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