We have the truth about Andy Rocchelli but we lack justice, says lawyer Ballerini

In order to have justice, on incidents like this, the truth must be clearly stated, she said in the message sent at the presentation of the documentary “Ciao Andy”

OSSIGENO 29th September 2021 – “This trial was difficult, but the truth was re-established point by point, already in the first instance. (…) Today we have the truth, we lack justice. In order to have justice, on occasions like this one, the truth must be reiterated clearly … “, says lawyer Alessandra Ballerini, civil lawyer of the family members of the photojournalist Andrea Rocchelli killed in 2014 in Ukraine.
Ballerini said it in a video message sent to Ossigeno per l’Informazione onthe 27thSeptember 2021, on the occasion of the national preview of the documentary “Ciao Andy, a hug from Pavia” in Pavia.

The lawyer Ballerini reconstructs the phases of the final trial that took place first in the Court of Assize in Pavia and then in the Court of Appeal in Milan against those allegedly responsible for the death of the photojournalist. She points out the considerable difficulties in obtaining evidence and manipulations of the decisions of the Italian justice system. She stresses that the responsibility of the Ukrainian military forces was proven in the first instance and confirmed in the appeal, that the involvement of the accused Vitaly Markiv was clear from evidence and witness statements and that his conviction was not confirmed by the Court of Appeal judgments only for a procedural defect in the methods of gathering some statements.

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