What do think you’re wearing?” Sexist remarks for the dress of the tv anchor woman

“I dress as I want”, Mariangela Pira replied to the anonymous user who posted a photo of her, indicating contempt for the dress she was wearing.

OSSIGENO March 8th 2022 – On January 9th 2022, an anonymous user insulted the journalist Mariangela Pira on Twitter, with a sexist comment about the clothes she wore during the morning news. The user posted a photo of the television screen on the social network with this comment: “Ok, a woman dresses as she wants, but is it the case to go to work in the morning at 10 am like this? What if a man showed up with black lace on the fly-front of his trousers, would it be interesting? “.

THE JOURNALIST – Questioned by Ossigeno, Mariangela Pira commented: “In all these years of my professional career I have received two other sexist comments that referred to my cleavage. I always dress in a way that is in keeping with the work I do and I also try to hide my shape. My image enters into people’s homes and I want to present myself appropriately. However, I should be free to dress as I see fit, without being the subject of disrespectful comments. That’s my view. “

SOLIDARITYOssigeno per l’informazione shares the views of Mariangela Pira, and also expresses solidarity for the sexist insults she received in 2020 (see here).

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