He walloped the reporter but now apologises and donates 5,000 euro to the national press federation (FNSI)

The gesture by the former minister Mario Landolfi was a sign of reconciliation after the unpleasant incident on April 19th. It was the reporter himself from La7 to suggest the donation

Lawsuit: Corrado Formigli and Rai will not pay 5 million to Fiat

The final Court of Appeal has definitively established this, rejecting the appeal of the car company (ordered to pay the legal expenses) against the journalist being found innocent.

Ragusa: for having posted a threatening comment about Paolo Borrometi on Facebook the court of Ragusa has sentenced the individual to four months in prison

Three years after the event, the court of Ragusa has, in a shortened process, sentenced Giovanni Giacchi to four months in prison for serious threats regarding the journalist Paolo Borrometi, editor of LaSpia.it

New threats to Paolo Berizzi now under police protection

A threatening banner on the motorway against the author of the investigative book, NazItalia, followed by a raid in Padua during the presentation of the book

An Ossigeno Special: the Giulia Cerino case

Ossigeno dedicates a special issue to the journalist Giulia Cerino…

Pomezia: Giulia Cerino sued because of road accident interviews

The journalist is sued by the driver of a car which hit a tree causing the death of a young woman passenger as they were returning from a discotheque. She will be aided by Ossigeno

Legal Aid: Why Ossigeno is defending Giulia Cerino

The targeted lawsuit to which she has been subject highlights the necessity of systematising the obligation of the publisher to assist the authors of published content

Legal Aid: Giulia Cerino and the barrister Di Pietro speak

Why has the journalist sued for defamation asked Ossigeno for legal aid? The co-ordinator of the legal service puts the case in context

MEPs want EP monitoring body to expose abusive SLAPP practices

The proposal for an EU directive and the creation of the monitoring…

Concert for press freedom – Rome, 21 June 2018 at the House of Jazz

The concert is part of the Festival in Rome on the occasion of the European Music Day