A Strange burglary at the house of a Fanpage journalist

Sasha Biazzo is the author of an investigation into waste disposal survey after which entrepreneurs and administrators left their positions.

On the 5th December 2018, unknown individuals entered the home of Sasha Biazzo, a Fanpage journalist. They stole a personal computer, two mobile phones and a rucksack that contained a clock and a security token for home banking, leaving behind other valuables that were in the house. These circumstances raise the suspicion that the theft may have a character of intimidation and retaliation and is linked to the journalist’s professional activity.

Biazzo is in fact the author of the investigative video “Bloody Money”, published in seven episodes by Fanpage in February 2018. The investigation led to an outcry because it revealed the willingness of public administrators and officials of the Campania region to award tasks for the illegal disposal of solid urban waste. After the publication of the investigation, some politicians and entrepreneurs from Campania, while maintaining that they had acted in compliance with the law, resigned.

Furthermore, after the Bloody Money broadcast, some Fanpage journalists were victims of episodes of intolerance during public demonstrations and conventions. A fire, probably of a malicious nature, damaged the house of the sister-in-law of the director Francesco Piccinini and the commercial premises of the family of another Fanpage collaborator, the video-reporter Carmine Benincasa.

To establish contacts with public administrators and entrepreneurs in the waste sector the authors of the investigation had made use of a former “repentant” member of the organised crime syndicate, the “camorra”, who acted as bait by pretending to be willing to organize the illegal operation. Before the broadcasting of the investigation, the District Anti-Mafia Directorate (DDA) of Naples ordered the journalists to hand over all the videos of the journalistic investigation and informed Sasha Biazzo and the director Francesco Piccinini that they were being investigated for the crime of inducing corruption.

Sasha Biazzo denounced the burglary and received expressions of solidarity from the Neapolitan branch of the journalists’ trade union, the Italian National Press Federation (FNSI), the Italian vice premier Luigi Di Maio and the President of the Anti-Mafia Commission, Nicola Morra.

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