Bergamo. The protection measures for Paolo Berizzi are prolonged

In 2018 he suffered five threatening attacks, four during the presentation of his investigative book “NazItalia” on the far-right movements.

The protection measures were extended for journalist Paolo Berizzi, a correspondent of La Repubblica, who lives in Bergamo and since 2017 has experienced various threats and intimidation, five alone in 2018. The threats began after the journalistic investigations in which he explored the relationships between Italian neo-fascist movements and the galaxy of neo-Nazi groups in other countries.

The intimidating acts intensified after the publication of his book on the same theme, entitled “NazItalia. Journey to a country that has rediscovered to be Fascist “, published by Baldini and Castoldi. On several occasions, exponents of the extreme right insulted and threatened the journalist during the presentation of the book.

In May 2018, Berizzi was twice challenged by the forces of the extreme right, always on the occasion of the presentation of his book (read here). During 2018, three more episodes were added to these two episodes.

On June 12th 2018, in Bergamo, Paolo Berizzi filed a complaint against unknown persons for threats from groups linked to the extreme right and in particular to “Forza Nuova”, “DO.RA” and “MAB”.

On the 22nd June 2018, in Como, at the cinema run by the “Arci Xanadà” club, a Forza Nuova banner was attached to the entrance gate, with the inscription “Berizzi: Infamitalia!” (Italian Infamy). The same evening, in that same place, there was a presentation of his book with the participation of Berizzi. In relation to the episode, the FNSI (the National Italian Press Federation) expressed solidarity with Berizzi (read here).

On the 30th October 2018 Berizzi himself wrote on Twitter that he had found insulting and threatening writings and swastikas on the external walls of his home in Bergamo. The incident was reported to the judiciary and reported in detail by La Repubblica (read here). Also for this episode Berizzi has received solidarity from the FNSI and other organizations, including the Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia (ANPI; the National Association of Italian Partisans).

Ossigeno per l’Informazione took up the case of Paolo Berizzi already in March 2017, when he was threatened by extreme right-wing groups and neo-Nazi fringe groups (read here) and consequently the Committee for order and public security of the Province has decided to protect him with vigilance measures.


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