A Tg2 journalist insulted on Facebook for her reportage from the town of Cubeddu

After the death of the businessman Soffiantini, Francesca Romana Elisei went to Arzana (Nuoro) the town of the man who held him prisoner and who is still sought.

The journalist Francesca Romana Elisei, an editor of Tg2 was insulted and threatened on Facebook, the day after the death of the Brescian businessman Giuseppe Soffiantini, kidnapped by unknown Sardinians in 1997. To make the reportage, Elisei went to Arzana (Nuoro) the town of Attilio Cubeddu who was one of the kidnappers of Soffiantini and who is still on the run (see here).

Elisei sought comments on the fact that the wife and other relatives of Cubeddu continued to live in a house which had been confiscated one month earlier. Moreover she had asked for explanations from the mayor of Arzana, Marco Melis and other residents who refused to reply.

The reportage triggered a wave of offensive and threatening reactions both on the Facebook page of Tg2 and on Elisei’s personal page. There were a variety of offensive and threatening insults of the type, “sell-out; don’t show up here again”, “be careful you don’t get a bullet”.

FNSI and Usigrai expressed solidarity with her (read here).

Francesca Romana Elisei related to Ossigeno that ever since her arrival in Arzana with the television team she had detected a hostile climate. “A car followed us the whole time, even though we had been accompanied by a former technician of Rai who was from the town, a person I had contacted before arriving. I think that I won’t be able to go back to that area for some time.”

The mayor of Arzana in a statement released to ANSA rejected the accusation of omerta made by FNSI and Usigrai and he criticised the Tg2 reportage saying that it damaged the image of the town by only partially reporting the facts.

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