A window broken and Klaus Davi’s house entered

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It happened in Archi, a neighbourhood of Reggio Calabria. The house was empty and nothing was stolen. The special branch is investigating.

In Archi, a district of Reggio Calabria, an unknown individual sneaked into the home of the journalist and mass media authority Klaus Davi. The intruder broke – probably with a stone – the window pane and, through the gap, entered the house, but didn’t steal anything.

It was Klaus Davi himself, who on November 15th , 2019, arrived in Archi in the early hours of the night, to discover what had happened and to inform the police of Reggio Calabria. The Special Branch intervened and is now investigating the incident.

It is difficult to establish exactly when the intrusion occurred. Klaus Davi has been using that house for a couple of months, since he has been busy making a series of reports for the programme “Fatti e Misfatti” of Mediaset, on some unpunished murders of “ndrangheta crime syndicate.. In recent weeks the house had been unoccupied. Davi told Ossigeno that the neighbours told him they had noticed the damage a few days before November 15th .


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