Calabria. He threatened reporters and has now been sent for trial

In May 2017 in San Luca Antonio Capillari attacked and threatened the TV team of Presadiretta and the reporter from La Repubblica.

On October 3rd 2018 the prosecuting magistrate of the Court of Locri (Reggio Calabria) has requested the indictment of a 25 year old Calabrese, Antonio Capillari, for threats and attempted robbery, in collusion with other people, against the journalist of Presadiretta Danilo Procaccianti, the filmmaker Fabrizio Lazzaretti and the reporter of La Repubblica Alessia Candito. The aggression occurred in San Luca (Reggio Calabria) on May 5th 2017.

The notification of the request for indictment for Capillari emerged on November 9th , 2018 when the young man, closely associated with the Nirta gang in San Luca, was arrested by the police for drug trafficking between Calabria and Milan. He had been on the run.

Procaccianti told Ossigeno: “In places like San Luca these things often happen while you work. I thought it was just youthful delinquency. I had underestimated the episode and its Mafia character “.

THE AGGRESSION TO THE JOURNALISTS – On May 5th 2017, the team from Presadiretta went to San Luca to gather information on the investigation by the Reggio Calabria District Anti-Mafia department, named Mammasantissima, on the relationships between ‘ndrangheta (organised crime syndicate), politics and freemasonry. Capillari, together with another person pursued the journalists’ car, blocked their way, threatened them with death and told them to “never return to San Luca”. Capillari also tried to steal the mobile phone from Alessia Candito, to prevent her from filming.

The reporter from La Repubblica, who lives and works in Calabria, had accompanied his colleagues from Presadiretta to San Luca. The threats were filmed and were broadcast in the edition of September 25th 2017. Immediately afterwards the police of San Luca began investigations that led to the indictment of Capillari.

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