Anti-Semitic insults and threats to La Repubblica

Insults and threats directed at the editor Carlo Verdelli, Paolo Berizzi and Senator Liliana Segre from a fictitious social account.

From a fictitious Twitter account that refers to the Nazi doctor Carl Clauberg, an anonymous individual posted anti-Semitic insults and threats against Senator Liliana Segre, the editor of La Repubblica Carlo Verdelli and the journalist Paolo Berizzi. It wasn’t done on just any day but on January 27th 2020, Memorial Day, an international anniversary celebrated on the January 27th of each year as a day to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. See here.

After users reporting it, the account has been suspended.


The Fnsi (the National Federation of the Italian Press) and the Order of Journalists expressed solidarity with the journalists and Senator Segre.

The editorial board of La Repubblica commented with these words: “Whoever attacks the editor of La Repubblica attacks every single journalist on our newspaper. These ignoble manifestations of hatred and anti-Semitism, also addressed to colleague Paolo Berizzi, are incompatible with the democratic discourse: law enforcement agencies must do everything possible to identify those responsible “. Read the news in La Repubblica.

Ossigeno per l’Informazione also expresses its support for Carlo Verdelli, Paolo Berizzi and Liliana Segre.


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