Genoa. Bad start in trial for the aggression on one reporter by 4 policemen

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OSSIGENO 22nd October 2020 – The judge rejected the civil action of Ossigeno NGO, the trade union and the Order of Journalists. The comments. The story

OSSIGENO 20th October 2020 – Unpleasant surprises in Genoa at the first hearing of the criminal proceedings in which four public security officers on duty maintaining public order are accused of pre-meditated aggravated injuries for having beaten, on 23rd May 2019, the journalist Stefano Origone of  the editorial staff in Genoa of  “La Repubblica”, while around Piazza Corvetto, he followed as a journalist for his newspaper the clashes between opponents and right-wing exponents during a rally of CasaPound  (an Italian neo-fascist movement and formerly a political party)  . On the request of Ossigeno per l’Informazione, the journalists’ trade union and the Order of Journalists to constitute a civil party as defenders of press freedom and the right to information for the damage suffered by this episode, the public prosecutor gave a negative opinion and the judge Silvia Carpanini rejected the requests. The only civil party accepted was that of the battered journalist who in this action has the support of Ossigeno.

The President of Ossigeno described the decision to exclude as civil parties associations that protect the right to information “worrying”. (read here).

The President of the National Order of Journalists, Carlo Verna, joined the expression of disappointment and concern expressed by Ossigeno per l’Informazione over the decision of the investigating magistrate of Genoa not to accept their requests for a civil action. In a note published on the Order’s website (see here) “Verna expresses regret, concern and a willingness to take all the legal remedies to be able to stand by a colleague in a trial in which it appears difficult to deny that the injury under discussion is the freedom of the press and the right to information “. ASP/ wt

Read the full account of the hearing in the Secolo XIX, a Genoa daily newspaper:

Cronista picchiato dagli agenti a Genova, no alla richiesta di Fnsi e Ordine dei giornalisti di costituirsi parte civile

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