Bottle with strange liquid found in reporter’s car

Floriana Bulfon reported the incident. The journalist collaborates with the L’Espresso and has been investigating for some time the Casamonica clan.

In the late afternoon of the 8th April 2019, the journalist Floriana Bulfon, a collaborator with L’Espresso, found in her car, a bottle containing a reddish liquid that aroused her suspicions.

The car had been parked for a few days in the street in Rome near her home. The bottle was placed on the front passenger seat wrapped in a chequered cloth soaked in the same liquid. On the seat there were also two cigarettes. The journalist thought that they could be the preparation for an attack and immediately alerted the police. The following day she formalized the complaint and investigators are underway. The journalist has received numerous expressions  of solidarity, both from the political world and from the various journalism associations.

The car didn’t appear to have been forced open. Inside there was a strong pungent odour.

In the past, Bulfon had been threatened by the Casamonica clan and, as she herself confirmed to Ossigeno, her inquiries into businesses and activities linked to the family are “continuous and accurate. I have never stopped writing about them. I cannot  say that the intimidation came from the Casamonica family but the intent was certainly to intimidate. The other threats had always come while I was busy conducting a reportage outside. This time, however, they came close to the house ”.


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