At the Varese Stadium a banner against Berizzi

The banner was displayed outside the football stadium and signed by far-right groups. Berizzi reported it on Twitter. The parliamentarian Fiano was also insulted.

Yet again far-right groups have directed a threat at Paolo Berizzi, the journalist of La Repubblica who lives with police protection (read here). Fifteen days after the threatening sign was hung in a Milan tram stop shelter (read here), a banner of insults appeared outside the “Ossola” stadium in Varese on the 19th March 2019. “Berizzi and Fiano are the Italian regurgitation” was the phrase directed at the journalist and the parliamentary deputy of the Democratic Party Emanuele Fiano. The banner was signed Blood & Honour, an extreme neo-Nazi group in Varese. It was removed and confiscated by the Digos (the special operational division of the police), as reported by Paolo Berizzi on Twitter.

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