Milan. Further threats against Paolo Berizzi

“Okkio al Kranio” (look out for your skull) was written on a sign signed by the Militia group. The journalist of La Repubblica has been under police guard since February 2019.

On the 7th March 2019, in Milan, a poster containing threats against the journalist of La Repubblica, Paolo Berizzi, was put up on the shelter of a tram stop. On the poster was written “Berizzi carogna! Okkio al kranio” (dead-meat Berizzi and watch out for your skull) and the signature of the neo-Fascist group Militia. The Italian National Press Federation (Fnsi) expressed its solidarity with the reporter.

It is yet another attack on the journalist by neo-Fascist groups. Berizzi in recent years has documented precisely and objectively the rebirth and spread of extreme right-wing groups in Northern Italy. Because of these continual attacks (five in 2018), mostly occurring on the occasion of the presentation of his book Nazitalia, he is, from the 7th February 2019 onwards under police guard (read here).

Already in 2017 he had been given intermittent vigilance due to repeated attacks against him. With the intensification of threats, also addressed to his relatives, the Ministry of the Interior has decided to ensure him a higher protection.

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