Bad News from Italy. The Ossigeno Review – 24 October 2022

Report by Lea Simonini on the worrying news about intimidation and threats to restrain freedom of the press in Italy and Europe. All news come from the continuous monitoring done by the OSSIGENO team. 

THIS REVIEW – “Bad News from Italy”- comes back in the context of the OSSIGENO M.A.P. – MONITOR ASSIST AND PROTECT project, jointly developed and co-financed by the Italian NGO and UNESCO’s Global Media Defence Fund (GMDF). This project aims at providing evidence of the need to conduct an accurate monitoring of violations of freedom of expression at both national and international levels in order to safeguard an independent and accurate press and ensure the safety of journalists. The project also aims at improving journalists’ access to specialized and gender-sensitive legal assistance. During the past ten months, the project results have highlighted the added value of a monitoring activity carried out by independent national agencies, like OSSIGENO, managed by civil society, compared to other governmental/political organizations lacking by nature an important component, which is absolute independence. The following articles are indicative of the continuous and rigorous monitoring work carried out by the team of OSSIGENO, mostly composed of volunteers due to the limited budget availability.

Monitoring work conducted by OSSIGENO and its recognition at the international level

News on the activities carried out at international level for defending the freedom of the press and the safety of journalists.

Munja Mijatovic calls for more cooperation and synergy between international and national monitoring centres.

Speech by the Council of Europe Commissioner Dunja Mijatović. 

The latest intimidations and threats in Italy detected by OSSIGENO  

“I was not left alone”, says Niccolò Zancan, special correspondent of daily news La Stampa

Mural threatening writings at centre entitled to Luchetta, Ota, D’Angelo and Hrovatin that assists children wounded in war.

Camorra criminal clan on a motorcycle together with another man approached in a threatening way the journalist Mimmo Rubio.

Anonymous anti-vaccinations and no-war campaign slogans were written at night time on the walls of editorial offices. 

The journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli was insulted by some taxi drivers whilst taking part in a protest called together with a 48-hour strike. 

The latest libel cases in Italy reported by OSSIGENO  

The first hearing will be in February 2023. 

Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered the direct summons to trial for the journalist Paolo Borrometi for defamation of members of the Anti-Mafia commission. 

Gianpaolo Sarti was injured in Trieste and had a 7-day recovery period from the consequences of the attack. 

Ivan Lo Monaco of Vittoria sentenced to 6 months and 10 days of detention for the threatening comments posted in 2015 on Facebook about three articles by the journalist Paolo Borrometi




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