Turin: threatening graffiti on the facade of daily La Stampa

OSSIGENO 5th September 2022 – In the night between 31st July and 1st August 2022, in Turin, the facade of the building where the editorial offices of the newspaper ‘La Stampa’ are located was smeared with anti-war and anti-vaccination campaign slogans. Using red paint, persons unknown wrote some phrases on the windows of the editorial offices, including: “Your silence kills” (see here).

The chief editor Massimo Giannini commented: “As always, we do not let ourselves be conditioned by these acts of intimidation and violence. We continue to work in complete tranquillity and to ensure accurate, free and diversified information “. In a message, the editorial committee the newspaper “rejects the umpteenth act of aggressive provocation last night and reaffirms the value of autonomy and freedom of information, hoping that the authorities will quickly identify those responsible for this vandalism against our editorial offices “(read here).

Solidarity expressed by Ossigeno per l’informazione, Order of Journalists, the National Federation of Italian Press (FNSI) and the political world. GB wt

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