Quarto. Mayor and official threatened for assets confiscated from organized crime

The family members of the former owner were prohibited from participating in the public acquisition procedure of a confiscated villa  – Nello Mazzone: I could not remain silent

OSSIGENO 9th July 2021 – “You should be the last to talk about!”, they wrote on the social pages of the mayor of Quarto (Naples), Antonio Sabino, adding threats and insults against him and against the official who prohibited the participation of the family members of Nicola Imbriani (convicted of mafia association) at the ceremony for the handing over of the keys of a villa that belonged to him before being confiscated.

The official who vetoed their participation is Nello Mazzone, a journalist and legal affairs reporter, now an employee of the Municipality of Quarto in charge of managing the assets confiscated from the mafia. The event took place without incident in the presence of five carabinieri officers.

Nello Mazzone explained to Ossigeno that his decision was inevitable: “At the time I reported the ‘Polvere” investigation as a journalist and so I know well the story that led to the confiscation of the villa. I could not remain silent. The representative of the National Agency for assets confiscated from organized crime had informed me that some relatives of Imbriani wanted to be present at the event. Their presence was unacceptable to us. Our ‘no’ has unleashed a climate of hatred on social media against the administration. If in a territory that is trying to regenerate, giving new life to these confiscated assets, a part of the population still takes sides against the institutions, this is not a good omen ”. GB

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