Ferrara. “You will be slaughtered like a pig”. Threats to the journalist of “La Nuova”

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The writing appeared in the city on a wastepaper bin. A police officer is also threatened. Investigations are  underway. Solidarity from media fellows

OSSIGENO June 22nd , 2021 – «Daniele Pedrieri (the journalist’s name has been mangled like this, with one less” r “) … the Nuova Ferrara … You will be slaughtered like a pig». The death threat was written on a wastepaper bin in piazzale San Giorgio, Ferrara. It was discovered on the 11th June 2021. On the nearby refuse bins there were other writings, with threats against the police, and  against one policeman in particular. The messages are signed with a swastika, drawn upside down.

Daniele Predieri filed a formal complaint against persons unknown and investigations have begun. So far, no article or investigation has been identified that in particular could have triggered the terrible threat. Daniele Predieri has been a court reporter for the newspaper “La Nuova Ferrara” for years and so he has written many sensitive news stories that could have caused that exaggerated reaction.

THE JOURNALIST – Contacted by Ossigeno, who expressed solidarity with him, Daniele Predieri recounted how he is dealing with this situation: “I thought this city was more open to comparisons. I am used to comparing myself with everyone for my work. Knowing that there is someone out there who would like me dead does not scare me, but it destabilizes me and leaves me embittered. I received support from my newspaper, a phone call from the director of Ansa and the chief editor.  Aser also made a very important statement, in which it invites the institutions to intervene to respond to this hatred the signs of which had already been present on social media for some time. “ 



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