Letter with Bullet sent to the reporter of Vairano

Giancarlo Izzo of Paesenews.it follows the protests against the construction of a turbo gas power station. Insulted by protesters

“Nobody will remove a bullet from your back”: a letter containing a bullet and this threatening phrase together with a copy of an article published the previous day was found in the mailbox of the editorial staff of the online newspaper Paesenews in Vairano Patenora, in the province of Caserta.

The discovery was made on the 24th January 2020 by the chief editor of the web site, the journalist Giancarlo Izzo, author of the article, and one of his collaborators.

Giancarlo Izzo, who received expressions of support from Fnsi and the Campania union, filed a formal complaint with the police at Vairano Scalo the same morning.

The article found together with the bullet and the threat is titled: “Turbo gas, the tension is high. Activists on the committees threaten technicians at the Edison building site” (read here). It’s a news story and reports the controversies surrounding the construction of a Turbo gas power station in Presenzano, a neighbouring municipality in Vairano. According to some, the station could cause environmental damage.

On January 25th the day after the delivery of the envelope with the bullet, a protest was held in Vairano Scalo against the construction of the power station. During the protest some activists directed insults at the journalist whilst he was making a video of the procession of the demonstration from the balcony of a house.


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