Bullets sent to the investigative website

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William Beccaro, chief editor of Estremeconseguenze.it : “We are afraid but you cannot stop us, because we are many”. Solidarity from journalist organizations

An envelope containing bullets was delivered to the Estremeconseguenze editorial office in Verona. The chief editor, the journalist William Beccaro gave the news on the 5th June 2019, in an editorial. The intimidation was reported to the police. Solidarity with the editorial staff has been expressed by the trade associations.

Estremeconseguenze.it is an investigative online newsletter. One of the recently published investigations led to the reopening of the Pecorelli case, another to the still obscure aspects of the 1980 massacre at the Bologna Station. An interview with a Catania collaborator with justice, Orazio Pino, who was killed a few weeks later, was also published. At the local level, other investigations have focused on the level of the pollution of groundwater, on waste trafficking, on organized crime and on the neo-Fascist right wing.

“Let’s clarify it immediately – wrote William Beccaro in the editorial of the 5th June 2019, addressing the unknown senders of the envelope with bullets – you did it and you scared us. They are bullets and receiving them does not scare only idiots. So yes, we are afraid for our safety and that of our children. You are dangerous and must be stopped. We cannot stop you, though, and maybe this will surprise you at least a little, we cannot stop either. Mind you, you can’t stop us because we are so many. Estreme Conseguenze, over and above the name or names you read at the bottom of each article, is the work of a group of journalists. There is no short-sighted freelance to be massacred. All our investigations are shared and we all work elbow to elbow on the articles. There is an entire editorial staff behind it. Nobody is alone with us”.(Read here)


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