Benevento. In 2015 they beat a reporter : now sentenced to one year

Some supporters of Real Sant’Agata football team attacked Billy Nuzzolillo who comments that today: reporting on sports at the local level is increasingly difficult

OSSIGENO 12th July 2021 – Judge Daniela Fallarino of the Benevento Court, Criminal Section, on the 11th June 2021 declared Pasquale Ascierto and Celestino Compagnuolo guilty of assaulting the journalist Billy Nuzzolillo and sentenced the two to one year in prison each as well as the payment of court costs. Four other defendants were acquitted.

The events date back to May 9th  2015, at the end of the football match between Puglianello and Virtus Goti. Billy Nuzollillo immediately denounced the attack. In the previous days he had published some articles about the Real Sant’Agata team whose content had annoyed the supporters of the team (read here). For this he was surrounded and struck with kicks and punches after the game while he was going to the parking lot to get his car.

To Ossigeno, William Nuzzolillo said: “This sentence is an act of justice. It can serve as a warning to youths that they can get involved in actions like this. Getting carried away by violence never brings anything good. For my part, there was no thirst for revenge, but there is satisfaction with this sentence. This is how the escalation of violence that has now reached even the minor leagues can be curbed. Being a sports journalist, especially at the local level, is increasingly difficult ”. 


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