Lawsuits against Volleyball for its criticisms

They want to intimidate me, says Luca Muzzioli, editor of Volleyball otherwise they would have asked for a correction to my articles.

The lawyers for Volalto Caserta 2.0, a women’s volleyball team that plays in the A1volleyball league, filed a lawsuit on the 21st January 2020 against the journalist Luca Muzzioli, chief editor of the online newspaper Volleyball for twenty years. This was announced by the law firm Maisto, which looks after the interests of the Campania club, in a post on the Volleypress website.

According to lawyers, the article entitled “The Cuban Castaneda, Simon’s cousin, has begun a conciliation process with Volalto”, published on the 21st January 2020 by Volleyball, reports “a series of falsehoods and is connected to the report of criminal complaint already filed against other people “.

In that article, Luca Muzzioli described some friction between the player and the Campania team and reports her request to begin a conciliation and mediation process with the League. On the 25th January the Caserta club announced that it had combined the complaint against Muzzioli, with a further request for damages, in addition to the judicial seizure of Volleyball, already requested for another article written by the reporter.

JOURNALIST Luca Muzzioli, contacted by Ossigeno per l’informazione commented: “This lawsuit is yet another act of intimidation that I receive from the president of Volalto Caserta 2.0, Nicola Turco. The others came to me through his more or less official social media. I can state specifically that I have never received from his club any request for rectification to or denials of my articles, rectifications that, of course, I would have published out of professional ethics. He preferred to take legal action directly to discredit me. “

THE INTIMIDATIONS Muzzioli cites to Ossigeno the most significant incidents of which he was a victim. In particular, Volleypress (a website attributable to Nicola Turco) on January 13th 2020 published an article entitled “Muzzioli collected money from the League. Then Fabris arrived and he revoked his commission, moving from paper to online.” In a cartoon that appeared on the Notix website (also owned by Turco) Muzzioli was depicted with a glass of wine in his hand and a noose around his neck, with the following caption: “The perfect recipe for success: wine, smoke and a rope around the throat “.

Muzzioli reported to Ossigeno that he is considering with his lawyers whether to file a lawsuit for the offences received.

Andrea De Tommasi

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