Cardani (Agcom): A fragile profession in a sector in crisis

Job insecurity makes journalists vulnerable to attack. Innovation is welcome but let’s preserve a media which provides opportunities for reflection.

“The phenomenon of threats to journalists is a serious problem because it combines with the crisis in the information sector. The changes introduced by the new means of communication and by the simplification of political messages if added to the violence render still more fragile a profession whose democratic role is particularly important.” With these words, Angelo Marcello, president of Agcom, commented upon the latest data from Ossigeno per l’informazione on press freedom in Italy presented on the 22nd October in the Italian Senate’s Koch Hall. “In this period of great instability” – Cardani continued – “the constitutional bodies must pay particular attention because in this phase public intervention is fundamental. The new technology is asserting itself effortlessly , relying on its capacity to produce information, on its speed and its viral nature and thus on its dissemination. Even if there are many positive aspects” – the Agcom president underlined – “we must be concerned about the negative aspects and preserve the printed media which has a tradition of informing in a complete way, with comprehensive argumentation and providing not only information but opportunities for reflection. This is the true task of information: to provide the elements which can lead to discussion. One cannot permit a channel of vital sap to be obstructed in such a complex and multilateral manner.”


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