Foggia: Go away! But the reporter does not leave

Domenico Di Conza (Sharing TV) resisted the pressures of a businessman and formally reported him for threats. He says: all because I criticized his wife- a councillor.

On November 21st 2019 the journalist Domenico Di Conza, chief editor Sharing TV, a digital television broadcaster, was orally threatened by a businessman Antonio Tricarico, local manager of the political party, La Lega and husband of the councillor for social services of the Municipality of Foggia, Raffaella Vacca . In a threatening tone, Tricarico asked the journalist to leave the Santa Chiara Auditorium where a public event was being held in which the councillor Raffaella Vacca was participating. The alleged reason, according to the formal complaint presented by the journalist to the police headquarters in Foggia the following day, was the frequent criticisms of the councillor made in Di Conza’s articles.

According to his account, since Di Conza did not leave, the businessman asked the organizers of the event to intervene to send the journalist away. At this point Di Conza raised his voice, drew the attention of those present and announced that he would ask for the police to intervene.

THE JOURNALIST“Tricarico’s threat – said Domenico di Conza to Ossigeno – was made because I dared to criticize the councillor’s work. The threat came from him because he has a significant influence on his wife’s political activity. It shows that we journalists are not in a position to carry out our work with serenity and in compliance with laws and regulations. According to some, these incidents should not even be formally reported. We have reached a degree of incivility whereby those who report incidents must feel guilty. Fortunately, many people follow my work and appreciate it “.

SOLIDARITY – Domenico Di Conza received expressions of solidarity from the regional Assostampa, from many citizens, from La Lega at a national level , from the mayor of Foggia, Franco Landella, and from Monsignor Liuzzi, member of the Episcopal Commission for Catholic Education, schools and universities.

Antonino Cicero

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